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the Technical Committee of IAU


The IAU has two Technical Committees, one being responsible for Match crossbow shooting and the other for Field crossbow shooting. The members of the IAU Technical Committees are elected by the General Assembly. Each member is elected for a four-year term. The Technical Committees responsibilities include the following matters concerning Match and Field crossbow shooting: competitors’ equipment, range layout and safety, shooting range equipment, timing and scoring procedures, ensuring that the sport is made attractive as possible to the news media and spectators, responding promptly to questions or proposals submitted by Member Federations. The activities of the Technical Committees are also coordinated by the IAU Executive Committee.

Members of the current IAU Technical Committee Field are: Andreas Henne (SUI) - Chairman, Pavel Kaszonyi (CZE), Sergei Kovalevskiy (RUS), Charles Mechin (FRA) and Martin Wilke (GER). 
Members of the current IAU Technical Committee Match are: Christian Hunzinger (FRA) - Chairman, Josef Beckmann (GER), Markus Stoller (SUI) and Branko Pereglin (CRO).
Members of these IAU Technical Committees were elected to this position at the IAU General Assembly held online, on August 28, 2021.