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Merry christmas and happy new year




Dear members of IAU (International Crossbow-Shooting Union), dear shooters,


On the last days of outgoing 2017 we would like to make you aware of activity of the re-elected Executive Committee of our highly-respected IAU. IAU management was newly elected in Osijek (Croatia) on the General Assembly of IAU held in July of 2017.

The following persons were elected to the IAU senior management positions: Pero Stojnic (Croatia), IAU President, Harald Lugmayr (Austria), IAU Vice President – Europe,  Alexander Varennya  (Russia),  Vice President – Asia, Josef Beckman (Germany) IAU Finance Chief, Andreas Нenne (Germany), IAU Chairman of the TC Field, Christian Hunzinger (France), IAU Chairman of the TC-Match, and Valeriy Ashikhmin (Russia), IAU Secretary General. Ms. Ruth Laverie (Switzerland) continued in office of IAU Accountant. At the same time members of the IAU Disciplinary Commission were elected: Sergei Koroshchenko (Russia), Chairman, and members -  Michelle Bakzig (France) and Jaroslav Liptak (Austria).

We assumed leadership of IAU at the moment of unprecedented drawdown in membership. That is why our first decision made back in Osijek was to reduce the annual fee from EUR300 to EUR100. Such decision was reasoned by the intention to provide potential members with easier access to IAU. In order to preserve receipt of funds by IAU at the ordinary level it was decided to introduce a registration fee for participation in world and continental championships amounting to EUR20 for each participant; the said amount shall be paid by the championship master to IAU upon completion of the competition.

The members of the IAU Executive Committee focused on making IAU a modern institution with numerous members capable of joining the Sport Accord.

At the beginning of the next year a new IAU web-site will start working at the URL earlier used to publish interactive content.

In 2018 both Field and Match Crossbow Shooting World Cups will be held for the first time, and in the middle of November – World Cup Final.  The rules of listing ranked competitors are approved.

The number of samples for drug tests experienced great transformation. In future, the samples for drug tests, in particular, 3 samples in field and 2 samples in match crossbow shooting will be randomly collected from the winners on the last days of competitions. The rules approved by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) are under preparation.

We have prepared a standard agreement for organization of competitions under IAU control governing mutual rights and relations between the organizer and IAU.

We have made critical decision on launch of the third division under the aegis of IAU – Sport division, in which participants use commercial crossbows for shooting. The new rules and system of running the competitions will be appraised in the next 2–3 years.

During the incoming  2018 both Technical Committees will prepare drafts of new concepts of running the competitions in both existing divisions aimed at increase in visual appeal of the competitions and hence interest of the audience and mass media therein. At the same time all the IAU rules will be revised and published together with IAU Charter.

A new official title – IAU Athlete Ambassador – is introduced; it will be given to some of the best sportsmen who will promote our sports among the new members and in mass media.

In 2018 we will start to train coaches and judges. We will arrange a series of workshops to provide organizers of past and future competitions with an opportunity to share their experience.

Unfortunately, incoming 2018 will also be remembered for failed European Championship for the match division. We should not forget that this is a popular type of crossbow shooting as well as originator of IAU. For that matter in future we shall join our efforts to a priori prevent planning of competitions by such organizers during the world and continental championships.

We would like to take this opportunity and wish you enjoy the incoming holidays as well as good luck, health and well-being in the incoming 2018.


Valeriy Ashikhmin, IAU Secretary General

Pero Stojnic, IAU President