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ECH Parnu 2018



Within the period from June 27 to July 02, 2018, in Pärnu, Estonia, at the Stadium Ranna, the Croos Bow Shooting Championship and European Competition in the field division. 96 athletes from 13 European states participated in the competition.

On June 28, Falco CUP International Competitions were held in the framework of the European Championship. The Competitions were held in a new format - first, qualification was held, and after that 32 cross bow athletes compete with each other with elimination.

As is already customary, after finals, "Carnival Ride" competitions took place. This is a team contest, where cross bow athletes compete in cross bowing against the clock running a certain distance.

This year, 9 teams from 5 countries took part in the competition, under which, following the qualification, 2 finalists and the teams, which will have a match for the 3rd place, were chosen. In the final of this competition, the team from Croatia beat the crossbowmen from Germany.