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The selection has been made.


32 strongest shooters in the struggle for the quarter-final of the World Cup Orel - 2018 in crossbow shooting. There are the results of the qualification and 1/8 finals of the cherished trophy.

The strongest crossbow shooters were selected again. 32 athletes who proved their right to participate in the final part of the World Cup Orel - 2018, again competed in accuracy at the shooting range. This time they had to go through the qualifying stage and then the 1/8 final. The serious struggle took place in the women's and men's competitions.

During uncompromising struggle 16 shooters according to the results of the qualification continued the competition in a new format. Shooting took place in the form of one-on-one duels. Only 8 of the best in the category of women and men passed to the quarterfinal of the final of the World Cup Orel-2018 in crossbow  shooting.


              Meet the quarterfinalists!




  1/4 Final – elimination WOMEN                                                                                  1/4 Final - elimination MEN

(CRO) PEREGLIN V.     -  (RUS) PONOMARENKO D.                                              (CRO)OBOROVECKI M. - (RUS)KUROCHKIN M.

(CRO)OBOROVECKI M.- (RUS) ZURAVLEVA A.                                                      (RUS) SHABURIN S.   -   (RUS) AVDEEV I.

(RUS) KLIMOVA O.       -   (HUN) EMESE BIHARINE G.                                          (RUS) SERGEEV I.     -    (RUS) TERTYCHNYI A.

(RUS) KOROLENKO E. -  (RUS) MANTCUROVA L.                                                 (CRO) PEREGLIN D.  -    (CRO) KAJFES M.