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Star master class.


Denis Menchov and his team became the winners of a star master class in crossbow shooting . But the main struggle unfolded for second and third place. Archer Maria Vinogradova literally snatched "silver" from Olympic figure skating champion Adeline Sotnikova. But this victory was not an easy one at all! The details are in the report.

This morning it in was really hot Congress-Hall "Grinn"! There were countless people wishing to master the outlandish crossbow sport! Crossbow shooting, having fun, getting a lot of positive emotions and good mood, getting presents, as well as getting acquainted with the stars of world sport - today absolutely everyone could do that. But sport is sport! And nobody can cancel the competition! Our celebrity guests were very determined - victory and only victory! Someone had tried shooting before, and someone saw a crossbow for the first time.

So, Adeline Sotnikova, Olympic champion in figure skating - the lady of the ice, turned out to be a capable student. She was diligently listening to an express shooting lesson. “Franlky speaking I feel nervous! As an athlete, I always want to win. I am always the winner in life. I really want to get only positive emotions to spend a day in a good mood and present smiles to all those who has been waiting for me! Well, I really want to win today's tournament! Not only want, but even plan! ”- Olympic champion Sotnikova shared her champion mood.

But Adeline's rivals have also come for a reason! The victor of the legendary race “Giro d’Italia” cyclist Denis Menchov in the company with the champion and world record holder in crossbow shooting Inna Budayeva made a serious claim to success. The  result is a victory!

“The main thing is participation! It was very interesting for me to try my forces, to learn something new. In general, the topic of shooting is very close to me. True, I’ve always been fond of bullet shooting. The crossbow, by the way, is in my hands not the first time! It was so interesting today, I think, I will have one more hobby now. It will be crossbow-shooting ”- the famous cyclist Denis Menchov shared his plans for the future.

The fight for "silver" of the master class in crossbow shooting turned out to be exclusively women’s one. An olympic champion or a silver medalist, figure skating or archery, Adeline Sotnikova or Maria Vinogradova - the struggle was not in jest! Fifty-fifty shooting, in the end, the shootout and nerves are stretched to the limit. Sotnikova shoots first - nine. Vinogradov has every chance to win, but also 9! Fantastic! The tournament judge appoints the second shootout. Adeline Sotnikova approaches the firing line again- drumroll - nine again! This time, Maria Vinogradova, the silver medalist of the World Cup in crossbow shooting, did not tempt fate. She brought herself, aimed, and turned out to be a little bit more accurate. Bravo! Victory! And silver award!


“I really tried my best! I did not want to let down my fans. It seems it all worked out. Of course, it was great to try my hand ay crossbow shooting. It's all different than in archery. The stand is more rifle. I really enjoyed it! - shared Maria Vinogradova.

-So would you like to join our crossbow shooting?

- (laughs) I'll think about it! ” - said she.