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The World Cup final Orel - 2018


Croatia won all of the silver medals of the tournament and one gold medal! The gold medal and 2 bronze prizes stay in Russia. These are the results of final World Cup in crossbow shooting.

The main struggle of the world cup final in crossbow shooting Orel - 2018 for the first prizes was between Russian and Croatian crossbow shooters. The two teams were competing fiercely for each point !

In women tournament the bronze medal was taken by Olga Klimova, Russsian athlete. Whereas in the final round Valentina Pereglin from Croatia met the representative of Russian national team Linda Mantsurova. The duel match of the beautiful women was also eye catching. The advantage was alternatively taken by both athlets. After the four duels, the Russian athlete took the first place. The gold winner of the world cup admits that the first place is a pleasant surprise for her!

“Of course I believed in myself but I supposed to win silver or bronze. Winning the duel with Valentina reigning world champion is fantastic! I actually don’t know how it could have happened! I want to thank everybody: our team, spectators , competitors and organizers for such a great cup! I am enormously happy! Thank you very much" - Linda Mantsurova shared her emotions!

Men's set-off had the similar scenario. The Bronze medal was won by the the Russian shooter Ilia Sergeev. And the finale was exlusively for Croatia shooters. If Domagoj Pereglin and Martin Oborovecki are team friends in ordinary life, this time they were competitors. Both hit the targets well, they was on equal terms. However the fortunate favoured only one, Domagoj Pereglin became the winer in the cross-bow shooting World Cup Orel - 2018 finale.

"Yes, it was tough and hard, as usual! All the competitors are strong, each of them is already a winner, the best, if he takes part in the tournament. It was an interesting struggle, I am grateful to Martin, because he didn't give me time to relax. I tried to sustain self-control and the spirit of victory. Of course I was also worried about my sister, more than about myself. I supported Valentina very much, she has done a great job!" - said the winner of the tournament.

During the final cup of crossbow shooting in Orel 2018 all the spectators sportsmen and guests have got one more surprise! Bright and Dynamic competition, disconcerting struggle, speed,accuracy all the mentioned is a recall cup! The return match has taken place! The world crossbow team obtained a long hoped victory over the Russian crossbow team. The score of the match is 2:0.

Crossbow shooters perfomed by the below list:

 Artem Popov fourfold champion, the world cups winner, world’s and European champion.

 Valentina Pereglin frequent world’s and Europe champion. The silver winner of the world cup 2018.

 Lolita Kochetova the world’s and Europe champion.

This time the Winner team turned out to be faster and more accurate than their opponents! However the competition story of archers and crossbow shooters definitely cannot find its end here!