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An athlete and just a beautiful lady!


A European Cup champion in track and field athletics, a fitness model and a popular blogger - Lyubov Tkach is now in the team of the International Crossbow Shooting Union . The famous athlete will represent the products of the brand IAU. Lyubov Tkach shared her impressions exclusively for www.iau-crossbow.org/ru

The international master of Sports of Russia, a member of the national team of Russia in athletics, the champion of the European Cup in track and field athletics, the silver medalist of the European Championship among youth, the multiple champion of the country - the list of her sports achievements is endless.

Now Lyubov Tkach is opening new horizons. She is not going to conquer the firing line, but who knows, because a talented person is talented in everything! A well-known athlete and simply a beautiful lady has become the face of the IAU, and as a model she will represent all the products of the brand, both in Russia and abroad. The cooperation of the excellent athlete and the International crossbow shooting union has already started quite successfully.

- Lyubov, did you accept the proposal to become a model of the IAU brand at once?

- Yes, I did not think about the proposal for a long time! It is always very interesting for me to discover something new and unusual! Recently there has been held the final World Cup crossbow shooting in the city of Orel, where I was fortunate to be present, this sport has just struck me. I haven’t tried to shoot a crossbow, but I carefully watched the shooters, the equipment, all these impressions helped me in my work for the brand’s advertising campaign. Be sure I’ll learn how to shoot a crossbow, I promise!

- How do you like the products from IAU?

- I liked absolutely everything: from thermo mugs and badges, to raincoats and umbrellas! All products is stylish, beautiful and of high-quality.

- What are your impressions from the start of cooperation?

- The most wonderful impressions! It was very interesting to work. I am sincerely glad to be part of such a strong team as the International Crossbow Shooting Union! I am sure that together we can do a lot!

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