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Latvia has become a member of IAU.


IAU is expanding its boundaries! International Crossbow Shooting Union welcomes the Federation of Latvia that has officially been recognized as a new Member Federation of IAU. Therefore, in total, IAU now comprises 28 Member Federations, 16 of which are European.

«Joining IAU is a great, significant and notable event for us, that will definitely stimulate the development of crossbow shooting in Latvia. In spite of the fact that crossbow shooting is a new kind of sport in our country, that has never been widespread before, I’m sure it will have a bright future and a hopeful prospect! We’d like to host competitions, train athletes and engage in crossbow and equipment production. In other words, we are ready to do our best in order to develop crossbow shooting, support its promotion and contribute to the achievement of its goal – to be included in the Olympic sport program.

The immediate plans of IAU Member Federation of Latvia are to be honored to host one of the stages of the World Cup in Ventspils. To my mind, we have all the opportunities for this: our geographical position, infrastructure, our government support in the sport development issue and, above all, a great aspiration to evolution and improvement!» - told Victor Avsjuk, the founder of IAU Member Federation of Latvia.