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Happy Birthday!


The IAU extends warm congratulations to Valery Ashikhmin, the IAU Secretary General, the Chairman of the Crossbow Shooting Federation of Russia, on his birthday!

Dear Valery, Happy Birthday to you!

Your life is a remarkable example of the way intelligence, professionalism and industry result in being really successful and highly respectable. Your leadership,vitality, active way of life, tireless optimism, a great sense of humour and wisdom inspire and impress us!

Every day you constantly demonstrate a high level of management skills, implement ambitious plans, support innovations and transformations in order to develop and promote crossbow shooting all over the world.

We heartily congratulate you on your 56th Birthday and wish you being healthy and wealthy, good luck in all your doings, great success in your difficult but extremely interesting work, new achievements and many happy returns of the day!

Let devoted friends, understanding and supportive colleagues, loving family accompany you!

It’s great pleasure working with you!

With best regards, the IAU members.