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The exam has been passed!


Technical delegates of the International Crossbow Shooting Union (IAU) and the IAU President Pero Stojnic have just paid a visit to Ulyanovsk, the program of which turned out to be eventful and included plenty of activities. One of the main aims of the visit to Ulyanovsk was the assessment of the venues’ preparation for the 20th World Crossbow Championship in “Match” and “Field” divisions. Looking ahead, we should say that this technical examination has been passed successfully!

During several days the IAU technical delegates conducted the overview of all the sports venues that are going to host the 20th World Crossbow Championship in “Match” and “Field” divisions. Thus, the IAU President Pero Stojnic, the Chairman of the Match Technical Committee Christian Hunzinger, the Chief IAU Field judge Pavel Kaszonyi and some other members of the delegation visited the central stadium “Trud” named after L. Yashin, the venue for Field crossbow competitions, the Technical State University of Ulyanovsk, hosting Match crossbow events, the stadium “Simbirsk”, the venue for sports all-round shooting competition as well as the ice palace “Volga-Sport-Arena” - the venue of the solemn award ceremony of the winners, gala-concert with the music band “Diskoteka Avariya”. According to the IAU technical delegates’ report, all the sports arenas meet the highest standards and status of the forthcoming event.

- Definitely, the status of international competitions involves certain responsibilities. And we should be really attentive to details. In case we deal with a World Championship, there are no things to be neglected, event little details play an important role in the organizational process. The best and most experienced crossbow shooters from about 35 countries all over the world are going to come to Ulyanovsk and we hope to see about 500 participants there. Being the organizers, our goal is to do our best to conduct the IAU World Crossbow Championship at a high level. I’m glad to tell you that all the venues that we visited have successfully passed the examination - noted Pero Stojnic.

A vast program of the visit to Ulyanovsk also included a seminar for Field judges with 10 participants from Ulyanovsk and Samara. The IAU history, the main rules and regulations, the construction of a field crossbow, Field crossbow rules, the most common arguments and protests, the way they can be settled, a scoring system and necessary equipment-all these issues and many others were explained by one of the most experienced IAU international judges Pavel Kaszonyi.

- The IAU Academy offers a number of directions of studies: trainers courses, courses for judges and courses for organizers. Today’s seminar was aimed at teaching future IAU judges, the judges of IAU major competitions, I hope. It goes without saying that several hours are not enough to master the art of judging crossbow competitions, it usually takes a number of years... Nevertheless, we’ve tried to give the participants of the seminar lots of practical information and advice, so they are to learn the theory and pass a certain exam in future. I wish good luck to all the attendees! The most important thing in judging is being fair, impartial and honest. Everyone should understand that plenty of things depend on the judge’s decision, so in order to avoid mistakes, one should be a professional. And becoming a professional means continuous education - explained Pavel Kaszonyi.


We remember that the 20th World Crossbow Championship in “Field” and “Match” divisions is to take place very soon this summer, on August 12-19 in Ulyanovsk. Do not miss it!