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Impressions of our guests.


The 20th World Crossbow Championship in “Match” and “Field” divisions has set a record. About 400 crossbow shooters from 33 countries all over the world came to the picturesque banks of the Russian river Volga, to Ulyanovsk, and the competitions themselves have become a real holiday of sport and strong international friendship. Apart from the countries that traditionally take part in the IAU events, crossbow shooters from Brazil, Cuba, Poland, Belarus, India, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Israel, Kazakhstan and even Burkina Faso participated in the championship. Here are some of the guests’ impressions.


Konrad Przesmycki (Poland)

«As an archer, I'm used to shooting arrows in the center of the target. The joy of every successful shot is exactly the same when shooting a crossbow. Only the tool you use is different, but the joy of shooting is the same. I am very happy that I managed to shoot the whole competition at the same shooting line with the best players in the world. It was a big challenge for my body, but many times I was very happy with my results. The most unforgettable will be the new acquaintances and new friends from around the world. I always think that there are right people behind every great event, and so it was this time.

Special thanks to my friend Tsyren Tsyrenzhapov, who, despite many responsibilities, also showed me Russia from this human side. We know, an impressive opening and closing ceremonies are something that cannot be forgotten. I am very happy that I managed to be a guest at such wonderful events. In Poland, a special permission must be obtained for possession and shooting a crossbow. Even a sports crossbow is treated as a weapon. As long as the regulations in this respect do not change in Poland, it will be difficult for any popularization of crossbow shooting. There is only a small group of people who use a crossbow, mainly for hunting. I would like the rules to change in the future and make it possible to shoot a crossbow in the presence of a licensed instructor».



Palina Arlouskaya (Belarus)

“We were the first athletes from Belarus to participate in such a large-scale crossbow event. I’ve got wonderful feelings about the organization and the competitions themselves. It was the first time we tried this discipline and shot from such a long distance. We liked everything so much! Thanks a lot to the organizers for their hospitality! It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself, try something completely new and gain new experience.

Maksim Ban (Belarus)

“Our own national crossbow federation is to be established in the nearest future in Belarus. As a result of our participation in the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk, we’ve got clear understanding that it’s a very interesting and exciting kind of sport, no matter what they say. We’d like to develop crossbow shooting in Belarus at the same level as it’s all over the world and particularly in Russia. There is a lot to learn and strive for”.





Vepa Sahedov (Turkmenistan) 

“I’m very grateful to the organizers of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in “Field” and “Match” divisions, thanks a lot to Valeriy Ashikhmin, the Chairman of the Crossbow Shooting Federation of Russia (CSFR), the Secretary General of the International Crossbow Shooting Union (IAU) for the invitation to the tournament and the opportunity of trying my hand at this sport and stand at the same shooting line with the world recognized leaders in crossbow shooting.

The competitions were held at the highest level. I’m really proud that I’ve managed to become the winner in a new kind of sport and was awarded a gold medal in the “guests” category - competitions among beginners in crossbow shooting. Crossbow shooting is a technically difficult but very interesting kind of sport. I’ll certainly continue training on my return to Turkmenistan. The work is now underway toward the foundation of a national Crossbow Federation of Turkmenistan, which will definitely become a member of the International Crossbow Shooting Union and, I hope, will become a part of this big crossbow family".