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The 14th European Crossbow Cup. Slavonski Brod.


The 14th European Crossbow Cup (Indoor 18m) took place In Slavonski Brod, Croatia, in six categories from 5th to 6th October 2019. This year the competition was held in a new format with targeting team and individual competitions on the first day, and on the second day the first 32 shooters competed according to the scoring table 1/32; 2/31; 3/30 ... and so on to the winner.

In the individual competition Domagoj Pereglin (Dubrava 1094) won a victory in Men category for the third year continuously, but overall his best result was recorded by his sister Valentina. The second place went to Andrej Krstinić (DUB Malinska) and the third one to Marijan Kajfeš (Dubrava 1094).

In the Women competition, the winner was Valentina Pereglin (SD Dubrava 1094) in front of Mihaela Oborovečki (SD Veliko Trgovišće), and third was Sanja Komar (PGSD Zagreb).

Martin Oborovečki (SD Veliko Trgovišće) won the junior competition without any major problems, Martina Milčetić (DUB Malinska) was the second, and Karolina Hynkova (Czech Republic) in the third place.

In the Cadet category the winner was Ivan Borak (SD Dubrava 1094) ahead of Karla Bartolović (SD Veliko Trgovišće), while the third was Barbora Pospišilova (Czech Republic).

In the Senior Men competition, Zeljko Tijan took the 1st place, ahead of Jaroslava Nedelnikova and Josef Nedelnik (Czech Republic).

In the team competition (including mixed teams), the victory went to the team of shooters of SD Dubrava 1094, the second was the team of SD Veliko Trgovišće, and the third - the team of the Czech Republic.

For the second time the Big transition cup was played in the format of elimination, starting from the sixteenth finals to the finals. The results of the finals were just like those of last year, with brother and sister Domagoj and Valentina Pereglin. Valentina became the winner due to a better result from the qualifying match - 4:4, so Domagoj and Valentina hit 30 rounds each. Thus, the result was 5:5. The third place went to another girl, Mihaela Oborovečki, who also had a brother as the opponent, with the result of 5:3 for Mihaela. The fourth was Martin Oborovečki.