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Pero Stojnic: “The IAU World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk with guests is a good experience and an impetus for future work”.


The 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk became the 1st IAU event combining active IAU athletes and invited guests. The “beginners” competed in a separate category. “Guests” competitions turned out to be spectacular and interesting and brought some benefits as well. Many athletes who participated in crossbow competitions for the first time, took the initiative and are going to set up crossbow federations in their countries. The IAU President Pero Stojnic told us about the future policy of IAU development and extension.

- How did you come up with the idea of conducting crossbow shooting competitions in the “guests” category?

- The idea of organizing a competition in the "guests" category is basically old. The IAU Field Competition Rules include the "guest" category of competitors. However, it was not significantly used until the WCH in Ulyanovsk 2019. The idea of organizing a competition in the “guests” category at the WCF in Dubrava was given to me by Valeriy Ashikhmin who received several inquiries from some of the guests who participated in the WCH in Ulyanovsk.

- For the first time this idea was realized at the World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk. Was it a good experience?

- Mr. Valery Ashikhmin has launched an ambitious action to bring together competitors from non-IAU members at the Championship in Ulyanovsk. He succeeded completely. Most of these beginners in crossbow shooting are archery competitors. After Ulyanovsk, some of them promised to establish National Crossbow Federations in their own countries. The IAU office must assist them in this work. In any case, Ulyanovsk with guests is a good experience and an impetus for future work.

- Now a crossbow shooting competition in the “guests” category will be held in Dubrava. Are you going to make these guests competitions traditional and invite new shooters in future?

- The WCF in Dubrava is the second event in a row with "guests" competition. The activity of organizing these competitions in future depends on the will and desire of future organizers of crossbow competitions. This is not in the IAU rules as a liability. At the next IAU EC session we will adopt a recommendation to organize special competitions for guests in future.

- What would you like to tell “beginners” in crossbow shooting? In your opinion, why should they take part in these competitions? What interesting things will await them?

- Beginners in Dubrava will have a slightly cheaper accommodation. The organizer of the WCF Shooting Club "Dubrava 1094" will not charge them with an entry fee and the banquet costs. They will be provided with technical assistance in handling the equipment and professional support of experienced instructors. At the same time, we will show them the way how the Croatian crossbow is organized. We will share our experience with them. I believe this will help them in their future work on the development of crossbow shooting in their countries.

Finally, I would like to point out that at their 1st meeting in December 2017, IAU EC members adopted that one of the main goals of IAU is to join GAISF (SportAccord). As a basic requirement, we need a minimum of 40 IAU members from three continents. The initiative of organizing "Guests" competitions certainly follows in this direction and goal.