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The World Cup Final in “Field” division


A large-scale event – the World Cup Final in “Field” division 2019 took place on December 5-8 in Dubrava, Croatia. Crossbow shooters from Croatia, Russia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Turkmenistan and Switzerland – 9 countries in total, participated in the tournament. We congratulate Croatian athletes on a flawless victory!

Valentina and Domagoj Pereglin became the winners of the World Cup Final. Apart from the fact that the brother and sister Pereglin won Small Crystal Globes, they were awarded Big Crystal Globes as the best crossbow shooters of the year for the second year in a row!

In the Women category the second was Mihaela Oborovecki from Croatia. The bronze medal went to a Russian athlete Lolita Kochetova.

In the Men category the silver medalist is Artem Popov from Russia. The third is a Croatian shooter Josip Novosel.

Apart from the main competitions of the World Cup Final in “Field” division there was also held a special competition in guests category. The best of all the beginners in crossbow shooting was Ivan Ivanov from Bulgaria, the second and third place winners became Vepa Sahedov and Beşerow Amanmyrat accordingly.

The IAU World Cup Final Field results 2019 as well as a renewed ranking lists are enclosed.

  The IAU World Ranking List • Field • Men

  The IAU World Ranking List • Field • Women