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Pero Stojnic: “2019 was a success for IAU, but I believe that new victories await us!”


The year of 2019 has certainly been really bright and eventful. It brought us plenty of beautiful victories, exciting tournaments and changes. Throughout the sports season we have been watching with a sinking heart the results of our athletes, we overcame all the difficulties, were glad and happy new countries to join our large international crossbow family. The year of 2019 is coming to the end, so it’s high time to evaluate the results of the year. To your attention is an exclusive interview with the IAU President Pero Stojnic.

- Mr. Stojnic, traditionally at the end of a season all of us evaluate the results of the year, remember and analyze the events and etc… So, what do you think of the year 2019? How can you characterize this year in the context of IAU and the development of crossbow sport in general?

- Looking back, 2019 was a success for IAU. After adopting a number of numerous missing documents in 2018, in 2019 we are committed to testing and introducing a new competition format in both Field and Match divisions.

The inactivity of some of the larger IAU members did not significantly affect the number and quality of the competitions.

- Can you now highlight some positive trends in organization development?

- Certainly, new competition formats in both IAU divisions have been successfully tested. After the lack of competitions in Match division in 2018, the World Cup was held in Russia in Ulyanovsk in 2019, four IAU World Cups and two World Cup Finals (WCF) give us hope.

The WCF Field competition in Dubrava was a sports spectacle with the presence of over 400 spectators and a live TV broadcast on the Croatian national sports TV station SPTV, is especially pleasant. Like in the previous year of 2018 in Orel there is a lot of good TV material that we will definitely present to future sponsors....


- Taking into consideration not only positive aspects, which sphere or spheres to your mind the attention should still be paid to?

- There are many future jobs. Back in the early 2017, the IAU EC set the goal of joining GAISF (Sport Accord). To achieve this, we need to increase the number of IAU members. We are working on this successfully.

Guest contestants in Ulyanovsk and Dubrava from over ten countries promise a better IAU future. We are working to help these new members with material and expert knowledge.

The new Field and Match rules will bring dynamics and interest to these competitions, as well as a greater media interest. At the same time, we need to "wake up" some major IAU members, some of whom are IAU founders.

- The IAU EC meeting took place during the WCF in Dubrava which was the last competition of this year. How productive was it?

- The IAU EC meeting was held in Dubrava, the fourth in a row (Moscow - December 2017, Pärnu - July and Orel December 2019). On the agenda, through 12 points and 9 sub-points, numerous conclusions were reached that are important for the future of the IAU organization. The meeting was attended by 5 of the 7 members of the IAU EC, as well as 7 other presenters, advisers and members of the IAU Secretariat.

- Could you, please, tell us about the most important issues of the agenda? What is the most important news and changes we’ll face next year?

- The most important are the new Field and Match Competition Rules. A new scoring rule for the IAU World Ranking List has been adopted and thus new requirements for WCF appearances. The first professional contract has been signed with Krüger, which becomes the official target supplier for the IAU.

A new plan for maintaining a course for judges and coaches in 2020 is under development.

The financial statements and the 2020 plan are positive, but sponsor funding is still lacking.

All the participants of the IAU EC meeting voted for joining GAISF as associate member in 2021.

New regulations have been adopted to take anti-doping samples at IAU official competitions.

Starting from 1/1/2020 all entries for IAU official competitions will be made through the IAU web application. IAU members will need to designate their administrator who will log in with an access code, make entries and request ID numbers for their athletes.

An IAU media strategy for competitions has been adopted - a detailed outline of the main things to consider when IAU member-federations organize an event.

Based on the discussion with the IAU Secretary General Valeriy Ashikhmin and the decision made by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) to suspend the Russian Federation for the next 4 years, I’d like to inform you about the relocation of the IAU Office from Moscow to Croatia since the 1st of February 2020. I take this opportunity to thank all the staff members at the Russian IAU office, guided by Valeriy, for their work so far.

- Taking your chance, would you like to wish something to the athletes, coaches, EC members and, in general, all people involved in crossbow sport in the upcoming 2020?

- I take the opportunity to invite all IAU member-federations to become more actively involved in the development, popularization of our beautiful and now more interesting sport – crossbow shooting. I urge all the members to plan better and secure funding for their athletes. A large number of athletes provide a greater financial inflow to competition organizers as well as the IAU.

Dear Athletes, I invite you to participate in all IAU official competitions in 2020. I believe the new rules will inspire you to respond.

Wish you the happiest holidays and the best New year 2020!