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Lisa Forstner: “The most important thing for me is to enjoy crossbow shooting!”


The owner of a bronze medal of the World Cup Final in “Match” division, young and talented crossbow shooter, Lisa Forstner told us about this success and her crossbow story, as well as sports signs and future plans. Read about it in our exclusive interview for www.iau-crossbow.org

- Lisa, you have become the third in the World Cup Final in “Match” division. This tournament was held for the first time in history of “Match” division. Are you satisfied with your result?

- I am very happy with my result, I had never thought that I would get the third place. Other athletes were very good at shooting and that´s why it is even more pleasant to achieve an individual medal.

- What are your impressions of the World Cup final in crossbow shooting? Did you like the new format of the World Cup Final? What is the most memorable about it?

- I think of this weekend as a special event, because it was very exciting and it was a lot of fun shooting at this shooting range. I´ve shot there a couple of times before and I like this venue very much. The new format of the final makes it more thrilling for the audience and the shooters. The head start of qualification is hard to defeat but when you´re the last shooter to get into the final round you can only win.

- If we talk about emotions, can you describe your feelings at the shooting line? Are these feelings always the same?

- Every time I`ve practically the same feelings. I am mostly nervous during my preperation time and I hope that I won´t have to leave first. But when the first competition shot is done I start to feel happy to participate there because of my results.

- How did crossbow sport appear in your life? What exactly attracted you in it?

- One day my coach gave me his own crossbow to figure out if I like to shoot it. So I tried it, I liked it and I bought the crossbow because my coach quit shooting.

- How many years have you been shooting crossbow?

- I have been shooting crossbow already for 5 years.

- Do you remember your first victory? How was it? Where was it? And what feelings have you experienced then?

- That was at the german championship where I took the third place. I wasn´t prepared for winning something so I was very perplexed. But then I got excited and very happy.

- Do you remember your first defeat? Were you really upset then?

- I don´t really remember, I think I replaced it.

- Athletes are often quite superstitious. Do you have any sports signs, talismans, charms?

- The only thing I always do is tieing my right shoe first and then the left one. Otherwise, I'm not superstitious.

- What is your hobby? What do you like besides crossbow shooting? How do you spend your free time?

- I love reading and I enjoy doing sports. Otherwise, I don´t have free time because of my studies.

- Is crossbow shooting popular in your country? Which division is more popular “Match” or “Field”?

- As I know, crossbow shooting is not so popular in Germany and we also have problems with young and talented shooters. But I think Match is more popular in the part of Germany which I came from.

- Lisa, what do you dream about, what heights would you like to achieve in crossbow sport? What reward would you like to win?

- I am absolutely satisfied with what I have achieved so far. So there aren´t any wishes I want to come true. The most important thing for me is to enjoy crossbow shooting.