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A new reality of the IAU competitions.


This spring coronavirus made the world face new realities. Unfortunately, the IAU international tournaments have been canceled. Now the situation in the world is gradually stabilizing. Therefore, the country-members of the International Crossbow Shooting Union are going to hold several tournaments, for instance, the 25th Croatia CUP in VELIKO TRGOVIŠĆE, Croatia. The organizing committee of the tournament told us how the competition would be held.

- Please, tell us how the decision to hold the tournament was made.

- Unfortunately, this spring we have faced this serious situation with coronavirus which has changed our everyday reality. IAU has had to cancel all official events for safety reasons. With the stabilization and good results of safety measures, Shooting Club “Veliko Trgovišće” has decided to host the traditional 25th Croatia Cup. It would be a sad decision to cancel this celebration of crossbow shooting sport while we are able to hold the event according to special measures, to protect the health of our athletes.

- What innovations and security measures will be taken at these tournaments? (social distance, antiseptics, gloves or masks, etc)

- As the organizer of a sports event, it is our moral duty and obligation to do everything in our power to protect our athletes. Special measures will be taken as far as the distance is concerned and a lot of attention will be paid to keep the hygienic conditions on a high level. Having in mind that the competition is held on an open field, for practical reasons the masks and gloves are not necessary or recommended for our athletes when they are shooting. However, they will be available for the ones who need protection, to prevent any unpleasant consequence.

- Will there be the spectators at the tournament?

- Since the situation and measures change from day to day, we are not yet sure if we will be allowed to welcome our audience. After all, they also need to be protected and we do not want to cause them any inconvenience. If the measures allow it, spectators will be able to visit the tournament if they hold on to the safety measures. If not, we will make sure that our audience has the possibility of following the competition on social media. The competition will be broadcast on our Facebook page and on Instagram, so everyone who wants will have a chance to catch a glimpse of the good atmosphere. - Will the tournament be open? Are you waiting for the guests to VELIKO TRGOVIŠĆE? And who will be able to take part in the tournaments? - As always, all guests are welcome at our Croatia Cup. Of course, they are required to hold to the safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization and our national civil protection service. Due to the corona pandemic and safety measures implemented at the borders, we are expecting less foreign competitors than usual. Nevertheless, we are happy as always to be able to greet our crossbow friends and we promise to do everything in our power to protect their health and well-being.