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“The IAU's aspiration to become a GAISF member has made our office do a great job!”


The office of the International Crossbow Shooting Union, represented by Valentina Pereglin and Mihaela Oborovechki, reported on the work done and shared plans for the future. Read about current issues, plans and further prospects for the development of IAU in an exclusive interview.

- All the 2020 IAU competitions have been canceled due to coronavirus. However, the IAU office continued to operate despite the pandemic. Please, tell us how difficult it was to continue working and how productive you managed to work.

- Although there were no IAU competitions this year, the IAU office was working very hard on the IAU’s development and on our apply to the GAISF, world recognized organization which promote sport at every level and in every corner of the world. We wrote a lot of documents with long reports about IAU’s work in last few years, such as IAU achievements, development programs, annual activity reports, strategic plan, presentation of IAU events, Code of Ethics and many more. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are optimistic and full of strength to make IAU and crossbow shooting more popular sport in the world.

- What tasks is the office working on now?

- We are currently most active in organizing the World Match and Field Crossbow Championship 2021 which should be held in Ventspils, Latvia. Our marketing genius Maiia Lykova visited Ventspils several weeks ago and she conveyed to us the extraordinary experiences of the atmosphere of the city, nature of the city, shooting hall for match crossbow, stadium for field crossbow and many more. We honestly can’t wait for this Championship to be held, because we are sure it will be perfectly organized and that everybody will enjoy their staying there.

- What are the problematic moments in your work? And how do you plan to solve them?

- Communication with some member federations always requires the longest period of time because sometimes we wait for the answers very long. We think that it is the most problematic thing in our work, because it’s not up to us, but to others. We handle this by often sending e-mails as reminders – maybe we are little bit annoying to people, but at least we get what we want.

- Let's talk about the positive moments! What prospects are currently opening up for the organization? Is there some news from the Global Association of International Sports Federations (SportAccord)?

- The IAU's aspiration to become a GAISF member has made our office do a great job! Since the IAU office started working in Zagreb, we have been communicating with GAISF about the things IAU should do before sending the official membership application. There has been a lot of documents to write and a lot more to collect from previous years. Luckily, over the course of the past few years, there has been a significant development in our Union so we were very proud to see the “total product”. For now, the IAU office got the access to the official GAISF platform, where all these documents have to be uploaded to continue with the application process. There are still some documents which we have not received from some member federations due to the general complications but, once we collect them, the IAU is ready for the next step.

- How is the interaction with potential national crossbow federations going? Are there any prospects for increasing the member countries of IAU?

- Unfortunately, due to the Covid situation, it has been hard to continue increasing the number of IAU members. Some national federations which have already started the process of joining the IAU have been unable to obtain the necessary documents from their national sports organizations due to the quarantine. Hopefully, now when the situation is somewhat closer to normal, everything will get easier and we will have more possibilities to communicate with our potential members face to face. In the meantime, we are planning some projects and workshops that may help us increase the number of IAU members when the time allows it.

- How is the work going with the decision to host the IAU World Championship in Ventspils, Latvia? As far as we know, this city claims the right to host this important tournament.

- Latvia has only recently become a member of IAU and we have been astonished by their eagerness and readiness to host such an important event. The communication about the organization is going great; the date and the place are already set and there are only some technical details left to be discussed. All in all, it is a very pleasant surprise and a positive example for our member federations.

We understand what important and necessary work the IAU office does every day, and we sincerely wish you success and good luck!