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Welcome to the official site of the IAU, the International Crossbow Shooting Union!

With us you will discover an amazing and inimitable world of crossbow shooting, get acquainted with its heroes - the strongest crossbow shooters from different countries, learn a lot of new and interesting things about the disciplines of the “Match” and “Field” divisions, read about the calendar plans and competition regulations. As well as become acquainted with interviews, comments, news, photos and video reports - always exclusive and prompt only on the website of the International Crossbow Shooting Union!

IAU (abbreviation from German - "Internationale Armbrustschützen Union") is a worldwide sports public organization founded on June 24, 1956.

Aims and objectives of the International Crossbow Shooting Union:

  • development and popularization of crossbow shooting all over the world
  • international sports competitions
  • strengthening friendly ties between national crossbow shooting federations 

Crossbow shooting is a technically challenging, distinctive sport that has a rich, centuries-old history and strong traditions that originate in various cultures around the world. Crossbow sport is always a bright sporting spectacle and uncompromising struggle on crossbow shooting ranges.

The head of the International Crossbow Shooting Union is the President of the IAU, who also chairs the Executive Committee. This collegial governing body is elected from the representatives of the national federations that are members of the IAU. And all together we are a team of like-minded people from Russia, Europe and Asia. We make every effort to develop the IAU in the true spirit of international sport.

Join us! We are always glad to see you on the pages of our site!

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  • Portugal

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  • Slovénie

  • Suisse

  • Suède

  • Taipei



IAU is expanding its boundaries! International Crossbow Shooting Union welcomes the Federation of Latvia that has officially been recognized as a new Member Federation of IAU. Therefore, in total, IAU now comprises 28 Member Federations, 16 of which are European.


There are new features and updated navigation on the official IAU website.

Now a selection of all materials from the section "Interviews" with athletes, specialists and leaders of the IAU is available in the same section. There is also a new section "Media about us", where you can find all the available media reviews about our tournaments and sport events. The transition to these sections is carried out from the "News" section.

A new section "Downloads" has been created in the main menu for easy navigation and search of documents.


14th Europa Cup Indoor - Field- Crossbow. Slavonski Brod - Croatia, 5-6th of October.

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