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Pero Stojnic: “The cherished dream of every athlete to participate at the Olympic games. The direct responsibility of the IAU is to fulfill this dream”


The triumphator of the legendary “Giro d'Italia”, two-time winner of “Vuelta a España”, the participant of “Tour de France”, professional road cyclist Denis Menshov is going into crossbow shooting sport! But only for the time of World Cup Final 2018.


The Honoured Master of Sports of Russia, the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games in Sydney, the World Champion in bullseye shooting, a many-time champion of the country and the world in crossbow shooting – and many more. Evgeny Aleynikov has so many titles and awards that listing them all is hardly possible. Yet the head coach of the national team in crossbow shooting will not stop. To see the target, ignoring obstacles is in his character. In an exclusive interview, Evgeny Vasilyevich told us how shooting became his destiny.


The main trophy of the World Cup Final in crossbow shooting is already waiting for its hero. Today the Big Crystal Globe in accompany with Small Crystal Globes arrived in the capital of our Motherland.

These exquisite cups could be created only in the main town of masters, in Gus-Khrustalny. Straight from this place, two Big Crystal Globes and four Small Crystal Globes arrived in Moscow. From the headquarter of IAU cherished trophies will go to the tournament venue in Orel where it will be waiting for winners.


You'll know objectively about Crossbow Shooting sport, in detail about the future and the past, openly about privet. You'll read soon about interesting people, their thoughts and opinions, stories and life paths, in the new heading “INTERVIEW”.

The new heading called “INTERVIEW” is opening on our web-site. Main characters of our talks are chairmen, sportsmen, judges and coachers, all those who act, win, love and live by crossbow sport.

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