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The IAU President Mr. Pero Stojnic visited the Moscow office of IAU from October 3 to 4.

The IAU President Mr. Pero Stojnic, the Vice-President of IAU Mr. Alexander Varennia, the  IAUGeneral Secretary Mr. Valeriy Ashikhmin and secretariat specialists discussed following issues:

1. The final regulations of the World Cup Final 2018 Field in Orel was defined.

2. The project of the premium attributes for winners and prize winners of the World Cup Final was approved.


Ladies and Gentlemen!


Based on the decision of the IAU Executive Committee held in Pärnu on July 1, 2018, the first meeting of the IAU Organizers Development Meeting (hereinafter abbreviated IAU ODM) will be held on December 7, 2018 in Orel (Russia) for the further development of the IAU.

The purpose of the IAU ODM is to coordinate the work of the organizing committees, the IAU technical delegates and the IAU Secretariat, and to increase the level of IAU competition management by providing the organizing committees with the resources, information and support necessary for the best possible IAU world and continental championships.


Ladies and Gentlemen!

The IAU Secretariat informs you that the Field World Cup will be held in Russia in accordance with the plan of sports events, in the city of Orel, from the 6-th to the 9-th of December 2018. The Crossbow Shooting Federation of Russia (CSFR), organizer of The IAU World Cup Final, will publish Invitation letters with all information as soon as possible.


The 20th Bohemia World Cup in Field took place in Otrokovice, Czech, from the 27-th to the 29-th of July, which was the 2 stage of the World Cup at the same time.


Within the period from June 27 to July 02, 2018, in Pärnu, Estonia, at the Stadium Ranna, the Croos Bow Shooting Championship and European Competition in the field division. 96 athletes from 13 European states participated in the competition.