IAU World Cup Final - Field Division

We know the winners of the World Cup Finals Field Crossbow 2023:

Women - Valentina Mrnjavčić Pereglin (CRO)

Men - Martin Oborovečki (CRO)

Following the first day of qualifications, quarterfinals and semi-finals, the second competition day brought the decisions about the medals in the categories of women and men. Representatives of three countries - Croatia, Hungary and France - made it to the bronze and gold medal matches.

In the women's category, both pairings went straightforward to the decision. For bronze, Judit Törökné Zsótér (HUN) met Laura Chauvelot (FRA). With a loss of only 2 points, the medal went to the Hungarian world record holder, finishing with a clear 6:0 against her French rival. In the gold medal match, Valentina Mrnjavčić Pereglin (CRO) met with Ludivine Jacob (FRA). Scoring 30, 30 and 29 brought her a 6:0 victory, the gold medal and the small crystal globe for the World Cup Final winner.

In the category of men, the pairing for bronze was a French duel and for the gold/silver a Croatian one. In the bronze medal match, Jean-Michel Brulet met with Hugo Andre. After an initial 2:2, Jean-Michel continued with 30, 30 and this lossless finish made him the bronze medal winner.

The gold medal match offered the spectators on the field a dramatic fight. Andrej Krstinić, paired against the acting Match Play world champion Martin Oborovečki, took the lead in the second end, after the first one ended with a 30/30 draw. Next end, next draw, this time a 29/29. In the fouth end, Martin was able to close up to 4:4, and the fifth end, again a draw (28/28), set the point score to a 5:5 which means a one-bolt shoot-off. Both shooters scored a 10, so that the measurement tape was the tool of final decision. Andrej's bolt was 15mm from the absolute center; Martin's 10mm mean that he earned, by this tiny difference, the gold medal and the small crystal globe.

This ends up the 2023 season of competitions in the Field Division. For complete results, click here or check the Calendar.

Invitation to the IAU World Cup Final - Match Division

We invite all qualified shooters of the Match division to celebrate the closing of the IAU saison 2023 in Strasbourg! 

At this link or in the calendar, you can find the invitation and the programme for the World Cup Final in Match Crossbow, which closes the battle for rankings and determines the winners in the 10m and 30m disciplines. 

At the same time, the IVC Cup will be held and closed for the 2023 saison as well. The schedule can be found in the invitation.

Please take time to read the invitation and return your application and due payments not later than September 25th and September 27th, respectively.

For qualifiers, please refer to the actual ranking list.

Looking forward to meet you in Strasbourg!

Invitation to the IAU World Cup Final - Field Division

The IAU, along with the Organizing Committee, has the pleasure to invite the best field crossbow shooters of the season to this year's World Cup Final in Field Crossbow, which will be held in Dunavarsány, Hungary.

The event will take place from 21st to 24th September 2023.

We kindly ask the IAU members with shooters in the appropriate ranking positions to fill the registration and arrange travel and associated payments not later than 8th September 2023.

Please refer to the calendar for the invitation and registration forms.

Please refer to the actual ranking to check the qualifiers.


The XXII. World Championships in Field Crossbow Shooting closed

With the bronze and gold medal matches in all categories, the last competition day of the Field Crossbow World Champioships in Dunavarsány closed today evening.

Thunderstorms at the beginning of the day have put the medal matches into jeopardy, as the rules forbid shooting if there is a reasonable risk of lightnings coming down to the range. After a forced break till noon, the competition could continue with bronze matches and gold medal matches shot in one relay each. After the team competition, the organization was back to the schedule so that the awards ceremony could be held on time.

The Croatian dominance continued, taking over the categories of cadets and completely and scoring at least one medal in other categories.

The Field Crossbow season will finish with the World Cup Final, held in one month in Dunavarsány as well, closing up the ranking list and determining the male and female Shooter of the Year.

Refer here for the complete results of Duna Cup.

Refer here for the complete results of the World Championships.

Day Two of World Championships – Match Play Semifinals

The second day of the World Champioships started the eliminations of the Match Play discipline in all categories – men, women, cadets, juniors, senior men and women. In the afternoon, team elimination matches were shot in order to determine the pairings for the bronze and gold medal matches due on Saturday.

The Hungarian sports channel M4 paid a visit to the championships today. The airing of the summary is expected to be on 31st August.

All categories worked down the tournament bracket and the results and the medal match parings are ready for Saturday. You can check the actual standings after the semifinals here.

World Championships Field Crossbow Kick Off in Dunavarsány (HUN)

For a second time in a row, the attendants of the World Championships in Field Crossbow gather in Dunavarsány, south of Budapest, to determine the best of class shooters in the categories of men, women, juniors, cadets, senior men and senior women.

The first day, traditionally with the IR900 Classic event on the schedule, was dominated by Croatian shooters. The thunderstorm a day before contributed to the air humidity, combined with overcast but warm weather and almost no wind resulted to a load on the physique of the competitors, but also to less problems with the shooting conditions. All in all, the setup was promising and in due course of the match, so many dreams came true.

We are proud to announce 9 (nine) new world records shot on this day. Over all, Judith Törökné Zsótér (HUN) – category senior women – shot a world record at each of the three distances: 65m – 276; 50m – 291; 35m – 289; in total 856 means an improvement of her old world record by 36 points!

Domagoj Pereglin (CRO) raised the 35m world record to 299 out of 300 possible and the total IR900 men’s record to 880 points. This made him to World Champion in the individual competition and contributed also to the new world record of the winning Croatian team, which passed the 2600 mark for the first time in history and counts now 2605 points.

Karl-Heinz Blumtritt (GER) and Zeljko Tijan (CRO) raised ex aequo the 50m senior men’s record to 292 points.

Click here for a complete result list of the individual competition and here for the results of the teams.

The World Championships continue with the Match Play pairings on Friday and Saturday. Start lists can be downloaded in the Calendar section.