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The triumphant of the final of the World Cup Orel - 2018! Domagoj Pereglin managed not only to win the tense tournament, but also for the first time in history, he won the catchy title "The best shooter of the year". Total, he won the Big and Small Crystal Globes. Domagoj Pereglin told about the secret of success, training, music and future plans in an exclusive interview.


Already in January, in a new issue of the Russian gun magazine “Kalashnikov”, you will find a detailed report on the World Cup Orel - 2018 in crossbow shooting. The tournament in a completely new format was held for the first time in history and for the first time in Russia!


Leaving skis and a rifle, changing the biathlon to crossbow sports and in a year becoming a champion of Russia – that is about Olga Klimova. The bronze medalist of the final of the World Cup Orel-2018 having risked once, today regrets nothing. She found herself and is moving to her goal. Olga Klimova tells about shooting and friendship, talismans and emotions, as well as the launch of the Angara rocket in our exclusive interview for www.iau-crossbow.org/ru


The plot of the TV channel "Russia-1" program "News-Orel" is available in the" Gallery ".

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