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The owner of the Big Crystal Globe and the title of "The Best Shooter of the Year" among women - Valentina Pereglin shared her emotions and thanked for the honorable award.

"It was a very pleasant surprise to get this award for me and my brother. And knowing that is the first Big Crystal Globe in crossbow shooting ever, makes us even more honored that we got it.


Valentina and Domagoj Pereglin have become the winners of the special prize of the World Cup Orel-2018 in crossbow shooting. For the first time in UIA’s history the best shooters of the year were awarded the Big Crystal Globe.


Croatia won all of the silver medals of the tournament and one gold medal! The gold medal and 2 bronze prizes stay in Russia. These are the results of final World Cup in crossbow shooting.

The main struggle of the world cup final in crossbow shooting Orel - 2018 for the first prizes was between Russian and Croatian crossbow shooters. The two teams were competing fiercely for each point !


Denis Menchov and his team became the winners of a star master class in crossbow shooting . But the main struggle unfolded for second and third place. Archer Maria Vinogradova literally snatched "silver" from Olympic figure skating champion Adeline Sotnikova. But this victory was not an easy one at all! The details are in the report.


32 strongest shooters in the struggle for the quarter-final of the World Cup Orel - 2018 in crossbow shooting. There are the results of the qualification and 1/8 finals of the cherished trophy.

The strongest crossbow shooters were selected again. 32 athletes who proved their right to participate in the final part of the World Cup Orel - 2018, again competed in accuracy at the shooting range. This time they had to go through the qualifying stage and then the 1/8 final. The serious struggle took place in the women's and men's competitions.


Pero Stojnic: "The meetings of the IAU Development Committee should become traditional."