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A vice – champion of the European Championship - 2018 in Men’s category, a multiple champion of Croatia, a winner of world and European championships in team crossbow competitions - Marijan Kajfeš told us his sport story. Read about victories and defeats, hard trainings, unforgettable tournaments and, of course, a sincere love of crossbow shooting in an exclusive interview.


The International Crossbow Shooting Union extends warm congratulations to Pero Stojnic, the IAU President, on his birthday!


This spring coronavirus made the world face new realities. Unfortunately, the IAU international tournaments have been canceled. Now the situation in the world is gradually stabilizing. Therefore, the country-members of the International Crossbow Shooting Union are going to hold several tournaments, for instance, the 25th Croatia CUP in VELIKO TRGOVIŠĆE, Croatia. The organizing committee of the tournament told us how the competition would be held.


This spring the news about the cancellation of the most top competitions shocked the world of professional sport. This negative impact of COVID-19, unfortunately, has also affected the sports plans of the International Crossbow Shooting Union. Safety of sportsmen always comes first for the IAU, so the IAU Executive Committee made a difficult decision to prematurely close the international competition calendar for the current year. Our athletes told us about their pastime during this quarantine period, about their home trainings and new hobbies.


We are pleased to present to your attention an invitation to the 25th Croatia CUP – 2020, which is to be held on August 7th to 9th in VELIKO TRGOVIŠĆE, Croatia.


The 22nd Bohemia Open Cup 2020 will be held from 14th to 16th August. The Organizing Committee of Bohemia Cup will be happy to welcome you to Otrokovice.